Program Steps

Community Works Project (CWP) assists members in building a practical work and personal foundation through job search, skills building, and employment barrier removal assistance to achieve self-sufficiency. DHS Family Coaches refer members into the program.  CWP and DHS work together to help members MOVE FORWARD.

Life Skills - Developing personal and work foundations

Supported Work - Building skills and employment portfolios

Job Search - Ready to work and search for employment

Work Experience - Gaining on the job experience

Jobs Plus - Temporary paid (subsidized) employment


Additional Services Provided by CWP

Vocational Training

Training leading to certification or a degree

Adult Basic Education

Preparing for the GED

English as a Second Language

Self-paced language learning

Culturally Specific Career Development

Achieving Life and Career Goals

Referrals & Removing Barriers

Accessing Community Resources

Supporting Wellness

Health and Behavioral Health


(971) 331-4994

Two Locations:

DHS East County Family Service Center

11826 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR, 97220


Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00

Friday 8:00 - 2:00

DHS Southeast Portland Office

8129 SE Malden St, Portland, OR, 97206


Monday-Thursday: 8:30-5:00

Friday: 8:30-12:00

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