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Your Path, Our Partnership, Your Future

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Who We Are

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About CWP

Community Works Project (CWP) is a consortium of three community-based organizations that deliver job search, skills building and employment barrier removal services with funding from Oregon Department of Human Services.  To learn more about our collaborative partnership click here: Partner Organizations

Program Members

Community Works empowers diverse families on TANF to obtain and maintain meaningful work that sustains their families, through an individualized approach that includes coaching, skill building, and employer connections. CWP only serves TANF families referred by their ODHS Family Coach.


The Life Skills workshops are inspiring and these phrases help me be more positive: don't focus on the past, build on the present, create positivity."

Anonymous, member

I heard that there are programs that help people get back on their feet but I didn't know that people at CWP will be this engaged in my progress… I feel very confident in taking the next step toward a much better future.”

- Anonymous, past member

Our partnership with Community Works Projects has been one of a kind. They truly believe in their mission of providing employment services and social services to their clients."

V Group Recruiting

CWP is doing a great job!! All that you do for me is very much appreciated!! "

Anonymous, member during COVID-19 pandemic

I was particularly grateful for the time spent with me discussing my options... 


I was also thrilled with the care taken by CWP to find me a position, which closely matched my skills."

- A. Fufa, past member

My first meeting with my CWP caseworker was amazing! She encouraged me to apply (for a paid internship through the JOBS Plus program)… Because of the support I received from them I’m now learning new skills and seeing more opportunities for a fulfilling career.”

K. Lee, past member

I was able to find a job within 2 months of working in the program, it was an amazing experience and as a mother, I would recommend this program to any parent seeking employment."

- V. Miranda, past member

My CWP caseworker has been great at getting me ready for the next chapter of my life; by checking in with me, providing job leads, and as a mentor being positive and realistic at the same time."

- Anonymous, member

You guys are awesome!"

- Anonymous, member during COVID-19 pandemic

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